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Tree of Life Counseling is a concierge therapy private practice that provides a range of mental health services including mental health therapy, counseling, and coaching services for teens and adults.

Brandi Adams, Founder of Tree of Life Counseling

Brandi Adams, Founder of Tree of Life Counseling

We pride ourselves on providing a therapeutic experience that is personalized to each client's needs.

As a concierge therapy practice, we limit the number of clients we work with. This allows us to take the time to give each client the time and personalized treatment that he or she needs.

Clients aren't confined to one standard 45-minute session per week. Instead, the options are limitless and designed to fit the varying needs of individuals, couples, and families.



Our expertise and laser-focus on restoring equilibrium in our client's lives have earned us the reputation as a trusted provider of mental health services in south Florida.

Online counseling sessions are available. In-home and off-site sessions are alternative options. Phone and e-mail support is available throughout the week for those times when you'd rather not wait until the next session to discuss an issue, or ask a question.

Practice Specialty Areas


Does worry hold you back from doing the things you want to do?
Do you wish you could learn to live a life without constant worrying, fear, and panic?

Teen Issues

Has your teen stopped talking to you?
Is your teen struggling in school? With friends?

Relationship Issues

Do you long for a good relationship, but keep falling into the same relationship patterns?
Do you wish you could understand why?


Do you need to care for, or be cared for by, another to feel satisfied?
Do their needs often overshadow yours?

Grief and Loss

Have you struggled to move forward following a loss but feel stuck?
Does the heaviness and emptiness you feel seem to cloud the rest of your life?


Has the divorce process left you feeling empty and confused?
Are you considering a divorce, but have doubts about whether it's the best thing for your situation?


Do the lows seem to outweigh the highs?
Do you feel tired, unmotivated, and indifferent about things you used to care about?


Have you been unable to shake the effects that a traumatic incident has had on you?
Do you find that you re-live the pain over and over again?

Recovery from Narcissist

Has the end of a relationship with a narcissistic person left you confused and trying to put the pieces back together?
Does dealing a narcissistic family member/boss/co-worker make you wonder if you're the problem?
Each day, I help my clients overcome issues like these...and lead more fulfilling lives. I look forward to the chance at helping YOU!

Services Offered:

Individual Counseling
Teen Counseling
Marriage Therapy
Divorce Recovery
Family Therapy
EMDR/Trauma Therapy
Online Counseling

Getting Started Couldn't Be Easier

To learn more about the types of counseling and coaching services offered, click on menu bar at the top of the page. If you don't see something you're looking for, I welcome you to reach out. Providing personalized service and being available for my clients are the foundations of my practice.

Step 1

Click the Online Scheduling button at the top of the page to schedule your initial phone consultation. Call 954-947-0774 or e-mail if you need to schedule a call more urgently. All efforts will be made to accommodate your request.

Step 2

During your phone consultation, we'll discuss your needs and goals and make sure we're a good fit. At that point, we'll schedule your first appointment.

Step 3

Our initial therapy session will be about and hour and 15 minutes-- a little longer than usual--so that I can take the time learn more about you and what you'd like to accomplish in counseling. Based on my observations, and your input, we'll create a plan and set some initial goals.

Step 4

We'll meet for a session at least once per week and begin working toward your goals. You'll begin to gain a stronger understanding of your thoughts and behaviors and learn new ways to manage them. You'll engage in outside activities to support the work we do in session. We'll continually assess your progress to be sure we're on track.

Get started by scheduling your free phone consultation today. Begin your journey toward a happier, healthier YOU!
*Regarding insurance: I do not accept insurance. I will gladly offer you information on how to seek reimbursement using your existing out-of-network benefits.