Therapy For Women & Teens

In accordance with CDC's advised Social Distancing strategy to help slow the spread of COVID-19, the office is currently closed to physical visits. Therapeutic services are available to new and existing clients via TELETHERAPY (phone or video conference.)

Overcome the challenges that are keeping you stuck.

Build the confidence to create the life you desire.

Maybe there are parts of your life that you're happy with, but others that feel like a bit of a train wreck.

You might have great career, a solid relationship or family, be attending your dream college, or have mastered running marathons. But other areas you'd just as soon keep shoved in the back of the closet--with a tightly shut door.

You see other people that seem it have it all together and wonder where you're going wrong. Sometimes the feelings of anxiety and depression can be so overwhelming that you feel paralyzed to move forward.

You feel like something's missing and but you're not sure how to fix it. You want to feel better and live a life that you're proud of. Right now, your life may look like a bunch of disjointed puzzle pieces that aren't serving you well.

Therapy is the place to make sense of those disjointed pieces and put them together from a holistic perspective.

I help women & teens put the pieces together and grow with purpose.

If you're ready to start make these changes, you've come to the right place.

Meet Brandi

Brandi Adams, LMHC

Brandi Adams, MS, LMHC

When you're looking for a therapist, you want someone who gets you. You want to feel heard and understood--and not like you're being judged.

I'm not the type of therapist that blankly stares at you and says, "Mm-hmm...and how does that make you feel?" I'm engaging, interactive, and a believer that having some laughs and fun in therapy is much more likely to promote growth and change than a sterile, textbook therapeutic relationship.

I help my clients grow with purpose. If this sounds like your cup of tea, I invite you to schedule a free consultation with me to chat more.

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